Contorno corporal

Tummy Tuck

Is a procedure performed to highlight the abdominal muscles. In men, the idea is to recreate the six-pack and give a more muscular image. In women, the marking is subtler, so the procedure consists just in enhancing the midline and the lateral lines, without the squares marked in men.

What’s usually done is a more intense liposuction of the abdominal lines, until the abdominal musculature is highlighted as desired. This procedure is done with conventional liposuction, assisted liposuction with Microair, Laser or Vaser.


The ideal patients for this surgery are the ones with mild excess fat in the abdomen who want to give their body a better shape. It’s essential that the patient has a good quality of skin, since after the extraction of fat, it’s necessary an elastic skin to retract and adhere to the new body. A patient with very loose skin, with too much skin or with many stretch marks, is not an ideal candidate for this procedure.


Average time:1 hour

Type of anesthesia: Spinal anesthesia